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Carton Board

Carton Board

Genus Paper & Boards Limited

We aspire to become one of India’s leading paper companies and continue making sustainable packaging products consistent in quality and promote worldwide commerce.


Genus Grey back board (HWC) (Range: 230 to 450 GSM) Genus grey back is top coated paper board with virgin hardwood pulp top layer which gives best surface properties and superior print results.


Genus White Back Board (Range: 230 to 450 GSM) Genus white back board is blade-on-blade coated with virgin hardwood pulp on top and bottom layers which provide superior stiffness and best in class printing results.


Genus High Bulk – High Stiffness Board is highly engineered product developed for high-speed filling line, with focus on lightening the box and providing economic competitiveness with excellent printing and superior strength properties.